Its November, DEBAT Online is back since 7 weeks from a long summer break. After a bit difficult start, I think we’re all happy with the way it goes in terms of articles. Having published articles every week, our website gets filled up better every week. The online members are very motivated to fill the website even more, so stay tuned for more! In the next couple of week we’re planning to upload articles from the printed magazine as well. This will start with some more recent editions, and might as well be extended to older versions of the printed magazine. Speaking about the printed magazine, it will be published soon as well! 

On the other hand, not all things go as planned. A notable example are the images you will find in the headers of articles. Due to copyright, we cannot use most images you will find on similar articles of the big newspapers, as we don’t have the budget to buy images. Proper, copyright free images are hard to find, but we currently have pictures for every article on our website. Another thing that isn’t going as planned is the page on which we show our former contributors. Due to some internal issues, that page isn’t published yet. 

As we are busy, I personally think we can improve on some things. As self-reflection does not cover everything we need your help. How can we improve DEBAT Online, coming from our current website and its content? If you have idea’s, comments or anything that can help us, send us an email and we will think about it. 

On behalf of DEBAT Online,

Daniël van der Hak
Secretary & Editor Online for DEBAT